Need to contact me?  Email me at mrspilot @ hotmail . com (remove spaces).  I’d love to hear from you!

3 boys

I am a 30-something wife, home-schooling Momma and small business co-owner.

I love God, my family and my friends passionately.

The Pilot family

I have been married to Christopher for 7 years and I am Momma to Captain (4 yrs), Engineer (2 yrs) and Baby (4 months).

I love to cook interesting things, scrapbook, sew, quilt, knit, crochet, read and play the piano – in all of my oodles of spare time!!

Mr. & Mrs. PilotChristopher

My creative, driven husband.

He is a Captain for a corporate charter company and co-owns our business with me.

He is the design and brains behind our company, I am the manager of all the rest.


My passionate, engaged, sociable, creative, organized, determined first born.

He spends his days learning how to read, creating Lego masterpieces and instructing his little brothers in the types of aircraft.

His “life-long” dream is to be a pilot just like Daddy.


My cuddly, sweet, serious, chatty, investigative, impish toddler.

He enjoys teasing his big brother, informing me of every move of his baby brother, working on his “stool” work (which involves lots of cutting of paper and coloring with many crayons) and watching squirrels out the window.

He is all ready obsessed by all things related to trains and airplanes, however, his true loves seem to be ships and large trucks.

Sweet baby


My verbal, laid-back, sleeps-like-a-charm, loveable baby boy.

He enjoys drinking lots of milk, watching his big brothers play, smiling whenever someone looks his way and playing with his toys.

He has now been introduced to the wonders of airplanes, and I think he might all ready have the flying “bug”, also. 🙂

Please respect my decision to keep my children’s names anonymous.  Thanks!


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