Constant Gratitude

It is so easy, in life, to get caught up in everything that has gone wrong and to forget the things that went perfectly.  This last week I have really struggled with this.  Last Saturday it would have been so easy to focus on the fact that I was alone, yet again, to deal with the scary parts of that day.  Instead, I chose to be grateful that I was alone because my husband was away working to support us (and also that the scary parts were resolved fairly quickly!).

I am grateful for my husband’s job.  

(I remember, all too recently, what it feels like when job security is ripped away.)

Baby snoozing, snuggled into me, while we waited for everyone at the dentist this week.

On Tuesday when we were all at the dentist and three hours had ticked by before we got to leave, it would have been easy to focus on the time and money spent.  Instead, I chose to be grateful that my teeth survived this last pregnancy much better than I thought they might 🙂 and more seriously, that we have found a fantastic dentist.

I am grateful for a gentle dentist that eases my fears of being a dental patient.

He really isn’t 100% trouble, but he is an exceptionally busy little boy and this jammie top makes me smile every time! 🙂

Yesterday the boys and I had a wonderful picnic with a dear friend and her two little ones.  Unfortunately one of my children was over-tired and was displaying a very grumpy attitude.  I could have focused on how upsetting it was that his behavior cut our afternoon short.  And trust me, I was thinking that!!  But as we all drove away from the park, I started to remember about the concerns before his birth that he might have some serious health problems.  Yet, sitting behind me, very upset with his world was a very healthy boy.

I am grateful for the health and vitality of my sons.  May I never take it for granted.

A very happy, creative little Captain!

So that brings me to constant gratitude.  At various points in my life, especially during difficult times, I have forced myself to keep a daily journal where I noted five things I was thankful for that day.  Some days it was a more taxing effort than others.  But what I have found over and over is that once I started focusing on what I was thankful for my situation started to feel a little less overwhelming.  Does making a gratitude journal erase all of the ugliness of painful situations?  No, but it does remind me that the things that really matter are the most important. It lightens my heart and makes me look outside of my own pain and frustration to remind me that my world is bigger than me.  Most importantly, it reminds me that my heavenly Creator does care very deeply for me and that I am never truly alone.

My constant gratitude list for this Friday …

  1. The PC Hazelnut Cream coffee I found this week was exactly what I needed this morning.
  2. Engineer’s little voice saying “I wuv you too Mommy” immediately calmed my frazzled nerves.
  3. The birds singing outside of the window – so happy!
  4. I got to share the above morning coffee this morning with my entire family – husband included!
  5. Baby’s little pudgy feet twirling from joy while he ate his cereal this morning.

Happy Friday to you!  Do you keep a form of a gratitude journal?  I’d love to hear about it, if you do!



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