Date time with my little boys

This Momma thing is a massive adventure!  Everything from figuring out how to potty-train a 2 yr old who is determined to stay in diapers to trying to stay ahead of the great learning desire of my 4 yr old to relishing in the quiet baby moments of a “growing up way too fast” 4 month old.  One thing that I have been trying to work into all of the busyness of our lives is to take my little boys out on a date, one-on-one with Momma.  I think it is so important that they each know how special they are to me, as I am sure each mother does, but it is so easy for the days to pass by filled with important things to do and neglecting to take the time to spend with each of my boys, on their own.

Smiles at the grocery store

Smiles at the grocery store

Today was Engineer’s turn.  Engineer is very chatty and full of sweet conversations and I relish the time that I spend with him by himself.  I had to run some errands today and we decided that he should come with me.  Errands are so much fun to a 2-year-old!!  We went to the grocery store, the library (oh the wonders there!!), Staples and finished off our afternoon at Wal-Mart.  Engineer decided that he’d like to have lunch at McDonald’s, for his treat, so that’s where we ended up.  Very little money invested, but so much relationship building invested!!

We sang lots of repeats of “This Little Light of Mine”, the song that correlates with his Raising Rock Stars Preschool lesson from this week (Letter L, Number 1, Color Yellow).  He absolutely loves the “Hide it under a bushel, no!” verse and would have me sing that verse over and over so he could yell “NO!” in his cute little voice.  We talked a lot about jumbo jets and whether I like large or small jets, his conclusion was that he likes huge jumbo jets and that I like small jumbo jets.  We had lots of fun discussing various food options at the grocery store and Momma indulged him in his love for “bwueberry waffles” – want to guess what we will have for breakfast tomorrow??

Silly smile

Silly smile!!

Such simple things to create such lasting relationships and memories.  May I remember this when life seems to be too busy to slow down and savor my children’s childhoods.

Happy weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Date time with my little boys

  1. Hello, there! Good to see a post again. It’s so hard to believe that he is 2 already that that it’s been 4 months since the baby was born! I pray that the busy-ness that life brings never interferes with your dates with your boys. ((HUGS))

    • I know – where does the time go, right?? Engineer will be 3 in August and Captain 4 in October – not sure how that’s possible 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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