May I never forget.

November 11th.  May I never forget the significance of this day. 

The older I get, the more appreciative I am of the sacrifice given by our soldiers, past and present.  My paternal grandfather is a World War II veteran and I am so proud of his efforts.  Seeing him standing tall and proud in his navy blazer with his medals on, I often wonder what thoughts are going through his mind.  Is he remembering the friends that he lost during the war; the loss of his carefree, teenage years?  Or is he remembering the things he gained.  His marriage to my Grammie.  The knowledge that he fought to keep this country free so that his children could grow up and be who and what they chose to be.  May I never forget to be proud of my Grampie’s service.

Last week Captain, Engineer and I were going through the drive-through at Tim’s.  Two cadets were selling poppies to the customers and Captain announced that he would like one.  I rolled his window down for him to purchase his poppy sticker.  The next question was “What is this flower for, Momma?”  Such a simple question, such a huge answer.  How do I tell him that it means that we will never forget that a Momma like me lost her son or daughter in a war somewhere?  So, I told him that it means that we are very proud of our soldiers and that we wear it to honor them.  May I never forget to wear my poppy and remember why I wear it, each November.

I remember watching the motorcade pass with a fallen soldier from my community.  I was very pregnant with Captain and I remember sitting in the car with my hand on my belly feeling Captain’s strong kicks, watching the car pass that carried the body of another Momma’s boy.  I remember wondering if she knew how very proud we are of what her son offered for our country.  May I never forget that each soldier is someone’s son or daughter.

A dear friend, from college, is now a Chaplain with the US Army and is currently on assignment in Afghanistan.  I am so proud of him and his dedication to the religious health of his soldiers.  I am so proud of his wife, for her love and support of him and his career choice.  Today, as every day, I am proud of both of them.  May I never forget that every soldier has a family that pays a price, as well.

May I always remember why I pause at 11 o’clock on November 11th.  To honor those who gave of their time, their youth and possibly their lives.  So that I would have the choice to do as I wish at 11 o’clock on November 11th.  May I always remember.   


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