Plan, plan, plan.

Now I need to complete those plans.  I love crafting … specifically sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, quilting … you get the idea!  One of my biggest downfalls when it comes to crafting, though, is that I plan probably about 5 times as many projects as I can complete.  And I also am horrible at writing the ideas down.  Then a year down the road, I see a piece of fabric and think, now, what was I going to do with that??  So my great inspiration for the day is a project management board.  Now, during my work before I had kids, and now managing our company, I have journals or dayplanners that I write everything in.  What I need to do, what I accomplished, etc.  My crafting world is a different story.  So I saw an idea to have a board that you put project ideas on and then you take them off as you complete them.  Genius!!  So here is my variation:

Project Management Board

I will apologize now for the poor lighting of most of my project photos.  (Also the above board is not crooked, as it may appear!!)  My creative space is in a corner of our finished basement, and although I have Ott-Lites to simulate daylight for matching fabric, paper, etc., that simulated daylight does not translate well into photos.  As you can see my board is a bulletin board.  I purchased this one at Walmart for approximately $15.  It is 24″ x 36″.  As you can see I am lucky enough to have slat board over my sewing area (I also have a piece over my scrapbooking area.  Which will be a picture for another day).  We used to use the slat board to store our products for the company, but I have since changed our storage method and they were hanging there blank until I got the idea to use them for storage of my supplies. 

Back to the project management board (doesn’t that just make it sound so official???).  The notes that I wrote my projects on are just pieces of leftover scrapbook paper that I cut into 2.5″ squares.  I then hung them on the board with tacks.  I have the projects divided into three categories:  Christmas, The Boys, and Miscellaneous.

My sewing area

Here is a glimpse of my sewing area.  Now, because I said from the beginning of this blog that I would be real, I’ll give you a wider photo so you can see what I see every time I sew …

The REAL sewing area

Quite a difference, eh?  🙂  My dream crafting space would be half of my basement, so I could spread everything out.  Alas, I share the basement with my husband’s work area, all of our company products and my desk for company work, our den, and our boys’ playroom.  It’s a bit full 🙂  So, I am delegated to a corner of the room and things tend to get a little piled up.  I work at it, but I think that putting things in piles is just in my DNA and I will always do that!

Now here is a peek of what I hope to have completed by next Friday to show you …

Kitchen valances in progress

I replaced my cafe curtains in my kitchen windows last month with white mini-blinds and I am in the process of making valances for them.  Those yo-yo’s (the red and black circles) are going to become my valances, along with some additions … you are going to keep me accountable to get them finished by next Friday right?  🙂

Do you see the framed picture just above the circles?  That is my maternal grandmother, Grammie.  She passed away in February 2001 and she was my absolute best friend.  She, along with my Mom, taught me how to do most of the crafting things that I am able to do today.  I miss her the most when I sew, as she taught me how to sew – hand and machine.  Still, after all these years, I will dream up a project, or complete a project and I will stop myself from picking up the phone to call her and tell her about it.  I miss her.

Now the story of the cow to the left of her picture.  I made that cow for Grammie when I was about 13 years old.  My grandparents owned a dairy farm and my Grammie’s living room was red (one of my all-time favorite rooms!!).  So for Christmas, I decided to make her this cow.  My Mom helped me with the parts that I was not sure about.  See how Cow’s horn is red on one side?  Well, I took that piece off and resewed it at least 5 times because it kept slipping on me and wouldn’t align properly.  For the first couple of times I took it off myself and tried again.  Then I started to get frustrated and told my Mom that I was just going to leave it the way it was.  I can still hear my Mom telling me, “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.”  She was, and is, so right and after my Grammie passed, I was given Cow back.  She has sat next to my sewing machine all these years.   And every time I look at her, I am reminded that if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.  Such wonderful advice!

Do you see a reversible, hooded jacket?

This fabric is for a reversible, hooded jacket for Captain.  I have had the fabric for years and now that I have little boys, I thought it would be perfect as a jacket.  I really want to get it finished so that he can wear it this fall and winter.  I had better get to it!!

So there you have it – a possible organization tool that you may be able to adapt to your situation and two “accountability” projects that I hope to share completed photos of with you next Friday.

Have a fabulous weekend and may it contain crafting of some kind!!  If you have posted about a crafting project on your blog, leave the link in your comments and I’ll post it at the end of this entry.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Plan, plan, plan.

  1. I love it! I have resigned myself to a corner in the family room, but while the kids are still small I’m not going to do much with it. Instead, I’m going to be patient and take a corner of the garage when I’m able to do it up the way I want it. I love the slat board, that is a great idea.

  2. When we placed my mother in a nursing center a few years ago, I was FINALLY able to have a real sewing room!!!! It is so nice to be able to spread my projects out and not have to put them away for dinner or company.

    I still don’t have it organized exactly the way I would like it, but it’s getting there. I may have to incorporate a project board into the decor.

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