If you were expecting …

… a review of “Sink Reflection” today, then I am sorry to disappoint you.  🙂  After starting to read the book, I realized that to give the best review, I really need to implement her ideas for a while and then review the book, along with how I did with her cleaning ideas.  So this book review has been pushed back to the New Year.

Next weeks book review will be “Deception” by Randy Alcorn.  He is one of my new favorite writers.  I love that his books are not predictable.  I have also read “Deadline” and “Dominion”.  Randy has written over 30 books, many of them non-fiction.


So because I backed out of my book review today, I thought I would share some of my recent Facebook status updates.  You know, because if you can’t inform, you might as well entertain, right?  🙂  Enjoy!

  • this is one of those “I don’t want to be the only one who knows this” moments. Today was Day 2 of potty training for Captain. Going very well. Chief had been gone all day, and I’m sitting on the side of the bed talking to him. Captain comes flying up from the basement saying “I did it!!!”. He comes into our room and before I could react, he had accidentally poured most of the liquid contents of his potty on me!!!
  • Love how Captain always announces that he is going to kiss me … “Momma, I’m donna tiss you!!” followed by a darling kiss. Ahhh … those are the moments that make the craziness worthwhile!! 🙂
  • So I was the mother at the grocery store tonight with a child who was wearing a winter hat (not simply a warm, fallish hat) and turquoise handknit SOCKS on his hands. They were his “gloves” and he was quite adamant that he would be wearing them. He looked pretty cute!! 🙂
  • So obviously I have two imps. Engineer was in his booster seat today at the table and was mad about being in it. Faster than should be possible, Captain unfastened the safety belt on it, Engineer flipped himself around, climbed out and was scrambling across the floor to get Captain’s hockey stick before Captain could get there. Ohmy – life is really getting busy now!! 🙂
  • Hands down funniest prayer that I have heard in a long time was said at our dinner table today … 3 year old style!!!    ‎”Dear Jesus, this morning I wouldn’t eat my breakfast so my Momma told me that I wouldn’t get any treats in Sunday school and my Daddy threw out my treats. Then I ate my breakfast so I got to have treats in Sunday School with J and …K-girlfriend. Now I’m going to eat my lunch so I get treats afterwards” … eyes open, and he very seriously tells me that he’s telling his “Jesus-friend” all about his breakfast. Then he closes his eyes and asks for the food to be blessed. Meanwhile, Daddy and I were desperately trying not to burst out in laughter. Life is never dull in this house!!!
  • Loving the fact that even though I am NOT a morning person, both of my boys are. Captain always wakes up saying “It’s gonna be a BIG day, Momma!!!” with an adorable grin on his face and mischief sparkling in his eyes. And Engineer starts his morning out yelling “Dada!! Dada!!”, when you go in their room he has a huge grin and little arms reaching out to get out of his crib. Now I have two good reasons to like mornings!! 🙂
  • So obviously the boys that I live with do not understand the importance of sleeping. 3:45 this morning, I woke up to find Captain reading books in his room with the overhead light on … poor Engineer was an innocent bystander in the non-sleeping saga! 🙂 Went downstairs to find Chief and he was working on the computer with all the lights on!!! Boys, boys … the middle of the night is for sleeping!!!!
  • Captain was very concerned today that the man changing my oil/tires was “not gonna give Momma her red car back!!” I asked him why he thought that, his answer “I just know it, Momma!!” Seriously, what a kid. Then later his pants started falling down and all I heard was “Ohmydooodness!!! Momma, I’m woozing my britches!!” BWHAHAH!!! What a kid.
  • So Mom went home today 😦 but Captain stepped up to the plate and provided the comic relief for the day. This morning he told me that he couldn’t go to the airport because he had to stay home and cry about Mom leaving. Then he told me tonight that he needed his hair all cut off because “It makes my head hitch, Momma!”
  • Momma – Captain, you need to take a nap.
    Captain- Momma, sorry, I don’t have time to.
    LOL!!!! What a kid!!! 🙂
  • lol – okay, so my two year old is an HP sauce addict. And apparently the no name brand that his silly Momma purchased is not going to cut it. He announced that it was the day to have eggs for breakfast, so I put his eggs on his plate and put some no name HP sauce on his plate. He dipped his egg in it, tasted it and announced that “that HP sauce tastes funny Momma!!” His Grampie H would be proud!!! 🙂
  • So the other night I put the boys to bed. Later I heard them in their room – went in, lights are on, Engineer is standing in his crib, clutching his bear, sucking on his soother for all he’s worth, intently watching big brother. Captain is sitting on his bed, with a book open, “reading” to Engineer … “Now Babies, this dwuck wants to be a taptain …” was the story that was unfolding as I went in. How sweet!!
  • one of the most recent almost 3 yr old conversations:
    C – Momma, Baby Bob’s (his doll) toes are sick. He would feel better if he could go for a ride in a float plane.
    Momma – Captain, do you think that maybe it is you that would like to go for a ride?
    C – Ummm … maybe, Momma!
  • Overheard conversation of the day …
    ~C~ I am going to nap and then I need to wear my dress shirt.
    ~Daddy~ Why? Do you have big plans?
    ~C~ Yes!! I have a contract flight today.
    ~Daddy~ a little incredulously … what did you say?
    ~C~ I have a contract flight out of TO (Captain calls Toronto – TO)  Again, uncontrollable laughter from his mother. Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?!?!?
  • Overheard today … Captain ~on my old cell phone … dialing lots of numbers, then “Hi Don, Frank here. I’m at the airport. Yup … be right back” … went to get pen and paper, picks up phone again “I’m back.” Starts writing message “Yup, think I got it all. Talk to you later Don.” His mother = laughing painfully hard!!! FYI, Chief has flown with Don & Frank in the past. The kid has a good memory!!

2 thoughts on “If you were expecting …

  1. Since I don’t do FB, I really enjoyed reading your excerpts! I would love to be able to meet your little family. The boys sound so cute and boyish.

    I love that they are listening so closely to you and your hubby and then acting out what they hear in their play time. Certainly makes you think before you say something out loud, doesn’t it?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpts – I need to write them down in a journal. You forget these things so quickly … I’d love for my boys to meet you … maybe sometime we will 🙂

      And yes, it really does make you aware of how much they hear and understand when your words are said back to you!

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