Books are welcome here!

“Why on earth would you have so many books?!?!”  This was the rather awestruck comment that came from one of my younger cousins as he was helping us move the last time.  This comment came after loading many, many boxes into the truck labelled “Books”.  He honestly did not believe me that they were all books, and so I opened a few boxes to convince him.  At last count, my personal book collections is over 500 books, not including my Bibles, cookbooks or our children’s books.

One of my earliest memories is arriving home from kindergarten very upset that they did not teach us how to read.  My mom had been telling me that school was a fabulous place, as they taught you how to read.  Well, one year down and absolutely zero reading instruction, as far as I could see.  (Obviously this was many years ago, as Terence will be thrilled to learn how to read next year in Jr. Kindergarten!!)  Books have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Reading begins young in our house

Due to this, it just seemed fitting that one of my weekly posts needs to revolve around books, wouldn’t you agree?  Each week I will be completing a book review on a specific list of books.  The list of upcoming books will be posted under the “Reading List” page on my blog, along with the date that the review will be completed.  I would be thrilled to have you read along with me, if any of them are of interest to you.

Some of my favorite resources for books are:

  1. Your local public library.  I am very fortunate to live in a city that has four great libraries.  Terence and I could spend most of a day in our main library branch location, I am sure.  He and Caleb have certainly inherited my love of books, as most mornings, both of them can be found in their beds reading books!!  But look at that, I’m “rabbit trailing” again …
  2. (or for my wonderful USA friends).  Extra bonus for my fellow Canadians, they have just lowered their minimum shipping requirement from $39 to $25 to obtain free shipping.  Woohoo!!!
  3. – Christian Book Distributors.  They are based out of Peabody, MA and they ship to Canada for very reasonable rates.  They also have two weekly specials.  “Fab Friday” are specials that are posted on Fridays, and last until Monday night.  Then on Tuesday, they post “Midweek Markdowns” until Thursday.  I have purchased a lot of books from them, their subject matter is quite wide.
  4. – Of course, as a Canadian, I have to mention, as they are the largest other bookstore, along with Amazon.  However, I find, quite consistently, that has better rates.  That being said, if you are able to wait for a book and you have enough of a purchase to get free shipping (also now $25, down from $39), their books purchased online are almost always cheaper than books purchased in their stores.  But, if you are a reader in the Saint John, NB area, I have to admit that I have a hard time walking into the new Indigo store without walking out with something.  The colors that they have used completely inspire me every time.  And of course, Starbucks makes any book better!
  5. Second-hand bookstores or thrift stores.  I would be completely remiss if I did not mention purchasing books at second-hand bookstores or thrift stores.  Now I know that some people have a hard time with reading second-hand books or library books.  If you do, no worries – that’s why there are lots of places to purchase books.  🙂  However, if you are like me and love thrift store shopping, then there are always good buys to be found in the book section.  Also, a lot of second-hand book stores (not general thrift stores) will usually purchase used books in excellent condition from you and offer credit against purchasing books in their store.  A great option if you can part with your books.  Obviously, I do not fall in that category.  Value Village has an offer in their book section that is worthwhile if you find books in the same price range.  If you purchase four books, you will receive a fifth book free.  Check out your local thrift store, you never know what literary jem you might find!!

Caleb studying up on the Airbus

Join me on Thursdays for a book review.  Doesn’t that just take you right back to 8th grade English class?  Seriously though, I’d love to have you join me next week.  I will be reviewing “Sink Reflections” by Marla Cilley – The FlyLady.  I’d better get reading …


4 thoughts on “Books are welcome here!

  1. Ah, Mrs. Pilot, I knew you couldn’t stay hidden for long! It was good to find you on Mrs. Lemon’s blog.

    You would feel quite at home in our house. The bookshelves almost outnumber all other pieces of furniture. Our family has always loved reading. We read on our own. We read out loud to each other. We interrupt each other’s reading to share tidbits from the book/magazine/newspaper.

  2. Love this post!! We have a lot of books too. One of the guys that moved us in May had carried in several boxes of books and there were more on the truck. On one of his last trips in with books he said, “you all need an e-reader”. I cracked up. I believe books are an investment!

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