{Be real}

I had 7 grain hot cereal cooking on the stove.  As I stood there stirring it, I listened to the adorable voices of my two little ones, playing so nicely together.  And then I was brought back to reality with a bang when I heard my two boys yelling, once again.  Terence, my oldest, received a hockey stick for his third birthday from his Nanny.  It has been an extreme source of sibling rivalry between Terence and Caleb, my baby.  So, yesterday, I purchased an identical hockey stick for Caleb.  They still fight over them.

Instead of allowing you to crash into my reality with me, I could have continued to describe my perfect picture that I started with.  That both boys ate all of their bowl of cereal and asked for more.  That they are obedient little ones.  That Terence loves to say grace over the food (and add lots of unique prayers to the food grace).  That I slept the sleep of a lullabied baby last night.  That my little ones did not wake up until 9 am.   All of this is true, but to {be real} I would need to tell you the rest of the picture.

That Caleb finished his meal, as he usually does, by dumping out any cereal that was remaining in his bowl and then proceeded to rub the semi-empty bowl over his head.  That I have not mopped my floor for two days and he has repeated the above scenario three times a day for those two days.  That my laundry is beyond backed up.  That I have not dusted for at least a month.  That I have a sink full of dirty dishes.  That my kids argue with each other just like everyone elses.  My point in saying all of this is that since I have become a mother, I have often struggled with how perfect my peer’s lives appear to be and that many days I often feel like I am not even keeping up with what needs to be done, nevermind do anything above and beyond.  So often we put our best foot forward, as we should, but we neglect to tell the whole story.

My desire is to tell my complete story and inspire my readers along the way.  Not air my proverbial dirty laundry, but {be real}.  If at the end of the day, my children are fed, healthy and happy; I have been a good wife to my husband; I have been kind to those I have met; I have offered grace where it is needed and I have spoken and acted with love, then I am a success.  My home can still be a mess and we may have had Kraft Dinner to eat for lunch, but I am still a success.  May my readers always realize how successful they are and may my writing inspire them, not defeat them.  That is my desire for this blog.

I love to cook and would like to share my recipes with you.  I love to sew and craft and would like to share my creations with you.  I have two beautiful boys who are complete built-in entertainment and I would like to share them with you.  I have a fabulous, creative husband that inspires me.  But always remember, that whatever your circumstance is in life, if you are trying to better your own world, then you are successful!  Welcome on my journey …

My Angel Babies


6 thoughts on “{Be real}

    • Awww … thanks!!! I’m sure that we could say I have inspired you in many ways over the years … “inspired” you to laugh so hard you snorted milk … “inspired” you to never hear of the Nebraska Huskers again without hearing my voice “why would anyone name their sports team the Nebraska Hawkers – that’s just nasty” … good times!! 🙂

  1. Very cute blog! Life sure is different with kids! I once took a picture for a new young mom of my laundry piled on my couch of about 4 or 5 clean loads that I had yet made time to put away. Because after a long hard day sometimes catching up on tv shows are much more important then putting away laundry! 🙂

  2. YAY!!! I’m so happy that you have a blog Mrs. Pilot!!! {happy dance}

    You do inspire, but I’m also happy to know that I’m not the only one with an unmopped floor, dusty end tables and laundry coming up the laundry shoot instead of down!! LOL

    I have to go add you to the blog roll now!!

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